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"Design for the Bright"


Since its establishment in 1972, the Korean Association of Industrial Designers has played a big role in the development of Korea's industrial design. In the beginning, it focused mainly on design enlightenment and hosted various design contents, member exhibits, and summer colleges to share the roles and growth potential of the industrial design sector with the industry and society.


In 1993 KAID joined the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design to raise the status of KAID in the global industrial design sector, while opening the doors to international exchange. Numerous international conferences and seminars were held to actively promote specialized information and human exchange in the international design sector, while carrying out the Korean Industrial Design Awards that select the best industrial designs of Korea. It also publishes the academic journal, 'Design Research Journal' and the quarterly, 'KAID Newsletter'.


From 2008, the Korean Industrial Design Awards changed its name to the PIN UPP Design Awards to carry out the PIN UPP CONCEPT DESIGN AWARDS for students and adults in the first half of the year and the PIN UPP DESIGN AWARDS for companies in the second half of the year. When winning the PIN UPP DESIGN AWARDS, not only are winners recognized for their design value, but also receive benefits such as being recognized for 50% of the Public Procurement Service score.


Also, every summer the ADA (Asia Designers Assembly) Student Workshop is held together with JIDA of Japan and CIDA of Taiwan to find new designers and to work on globalization.


Korea Association of Industrial Designers

9th Floor, Garak Building,
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Seoul, 138-716, KOREA

Tel. +82-2-407-2657
Fax. +82-31-703-2257




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